The Rise of Software That Matters

We are going to change everything you think you know about building the right software.

We believe IT departments – and their leaders – deserve a lot more suite cred; they should be valued like strategic assets and considered vital to the growth of the business. Because, let’s be honest - smart people, creating disruptive software is what’s really driving competitive advantage.

Think about it, since 2000, 52% of the Fortune 500 has either been acquired, merged, gone bankrupt or completely fallen off the list. Survival and prosperity now depend on the speed of digital adoption. What defined industry leadership just five years ago is irrelevant.

Speed is the new IP.

From now on, organizations must constantly measure their digital initiatives, understand their successes and learn from their failures; and they must do it in real time – because no one has time to over think it.

Today’s CIOs and IT Leaders can no longer survive without a measurable way to run the business of software development. Right now, they wrestle with a frustrated C-Suite who doesn’t “get” their value and barely tolerates their lack of control over process and budget. The result? IT is shrouded in mystery, fraught with confusion & punished with inadequate funding. We think that is a solid plan for failure.

But, it’s (over) complicated.

Software engineering as a practice is complicated. The point is to create custom solutions that generate competitive advantage in the marketplace. Unfortunately, the whole process has become over complicated as development tools and business models constantly evolve and change.

We really hate complicated.

In a risky investment climate full of start-up flips and unicorn chasing, feature[23] was built to create enduring innovation for organizations in every industry. We were built to take ideas from visionaries and grow them into products that support the digital future of the enterprise. We consider ourselves craftsman in the lost art of “running a solid business”.

We prefer to keep things simple. Our mission is to deliver software in a better way for our clients. That’s it. To do this, our products and services are guided by two priorities that help us stay true:

  1. Treat software creation as a competitive asset which generates value for the enterprise. This requires us to help our clients shed the perception that software development is a cost center – that line of thinking leads to crappy quality and low value solutions – and we’re not about that.

  2. Reevaluate how software is delivered. This requires improving the practice of software engineering through better transparency and real time insight – because until now the bar has been set embarrassingly low.

Too many organizations are settling for a low quality solution delivered by inexperienced programmers and sloppy offshore dev shops. We believe it’s time for the software engineering profession to hold itself accountable to a higher standard. Similar to medical and legal professions, engineering is about continuous learning and improvement of the craft. Best practices should come from a proven source – not an accident.

Over time (and a lot of coffee), we’ve identified a core set of practices we believe lead ALL software dependent organizations to a better place. These practices focus on reducing the dependency on traditional ‘fixes’ and building the capacity for change from within.

Work with us.

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