5 Ways To Remain Innovative With More Software Governance

Published on Jacksonville Business Journal, February 2014, by senior reporter, Colleen Michele Jones, from a well-attended Jacksonville IT Council meeting at the Advanced Technology Center of Florida State College of Jacksonville’s Downtown campus delivered by feature[23]’s CEO, Mike Potts.

5 things your company can do to remain innovative with more governance

  1. Develop a cohesive marketplace strategy built upon a common corporate culture and brand.

  2. Executives and product development creative types can have different ideas for how market value is defined. Clearly lay out expected results and metrics for gauging return on investment to your software development or IT teams and communicate these terms in a language everyone can understand (i.e., check the jargon at the door).

  3. Bureaucratic oversight can slow the process of getting your software product to market. Multiple layers of middle management (think: titles like Chief Information Officer, Chief Technology Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer) especially can muddle the clarity of a company’s goals. Consider whether your organization’s structure is redundant and if not, clearly define job roles and the chain of command.

  4. Make sure your management practices allow for the kind of creative freedom your software engineering teams need to think outside the box and develop innovative solutions. With an average unemployment rate of under 2 percent, tech specialists are in high demand and retaining talent should be a priority.

  5. Remember, technology is everywhere and to remain viable companies need to embrace every potential advancement that can help them deliver their service or product more efficiently. Drones, robotics, and artificial intelligence are already changing the consumer and corporate landscape.


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